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Valentino Prizzi, 1984*


It was the white walls in my children's room that encouraged me to paint. For me they were huge, almost infinite surfaces that opened up a world for me and my crayons. My parents? They granted me the freedom, even encouraged me - and thus promoted my desire for form and color.


I moved away from the agglomeration of Zurich to the heart of the vibrant city. When I was 30, I felt the urge to express myself again with brush and color. I felt like an individualist - and I recognized the personality and individualism in every person. That which sets him apart from everyone else. I want to express this uniqueness with my art.

On my many journeys of discovery, Pop Art met me at its core. For example, how Andy Warhol staged a simple soup can. Or how Jean Michel Basquiat uses fine, almost childlike lines and surfaces to create compositional fireworks. 

That had a fundamental impact on me.


During my career as an artist I found great interest in abstract expressionism. The idea of consistently simplifying a painting - through playful application of color, through working with different media, and through the combination of hard and fine strokes. All this to trigger emotions. By letting go of control I feel challenged. And I feel the great freedom that my work gives me.


The portrait of a person, or an object that is also individual as an icon - that is the linchpin of my art. On canvas I apply colors in mixed technique, there in hard lines, there in soft tones, this is how I express emotions. Emotions that give the depicted person or object a new sensuality. 


This is how I want to transform. This is how I want to inspire.






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Are you looking for an individual work of art that meets your wishes and expectations?


Well, that's what I'm here fore.


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Swiss Art Expo 2020, Zürich, 2020



Kunst im West Gallery, Zürich, 2019

Haut.Venen.Allergie. Zentrum Brunnehof, Uster, 2019



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